Gretchen Menn

Hale Souls

The album features the talents of Stu Hamm, John Mader, Emily Palen, Jude Gold, Angeline Saris, and Kirsten Menn.

$15 plus shipping


1. Scrap Metal

2. Oleo Strut

3. Déjà Vu

4. Valentino's Victory Lap

5. Fast Crowd

6. Is It Not Strange

7. Captured Barricade

8. Walking Shadow

9. Struck Sleepless

10. Fading

Clementine (2014)


This 9-track collection features songs from Zepparella drummer Clementine's varied career as a singer and songwriter. Lyrically evocative, vocally dynamic and of course, rhythmically exciting, the songs span the last 7 years of recording. Tracks were written with guitarists Gretchen Menn, Jude Gold, Justin Caucutt and Stars Turn Me On.$15 plus shipping (CD)



1. Marathon Runner

2. Wonderful U

3. Gateway

4. ShangriLa Blues

5. Slow Glow

6. The Champion

7. Totally Happening

8. The World and You

9. Stars Turn Me On

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