Live at Sweetwater (2016)

Produced by Zepparella and Robert Preston

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Vocals: Noelle Doughty

Guitar: Gretchen Menn

Bass: Angeline Saris

Drums: Clementine


1. Song Remains The Same

2. The Rover

3. The Lemon Song

4. How Many More Times

5. Trampled Underfoot

6. Custard Pie

7. Out on the Tiles

8. Ten Years Gone

9. Moby Dick

A Pleasing Pounding (2008)

Recorded Live at Red Devil Lounge, SF

$15 plus shipping


Vocals: Anna Kristina

Guitar: Gretchen Menn

Bass: Nila Minnerok

Drums: Clementine


1. Immigrant Song

2. Sick Again

3. Dazed and Confused

4. Misty Mountain Hop

5. Custard Pie

6. Trampled Under Foot

7. In My Time Of Dying

8. Bring It On Home (intro)

9. The Ocean / Bring It On Home

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