The Zepparella Learning Channel

The Learning Channel is a groundbreaking series of YouTube instructional videos that decode the music of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.


“The Learning Channel is an opportunity to give back a little of what this band has given to each of us,” says drummer Clementine.


For the first time anywhere, each member of Zepparella will offer personal seminars: Clementine presents tutorials on Bonham’s drumming, Gretchen Menn covers Page’s guitarcraft, bassist Holly West dissects Jones’ bass lines, and Anna Kristina offers coaching on Plant’s singing and harmonica playing.


“Last month marked the 50-year anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s debut album,” says Menn. “What a first proclamation from a band! It would be difficult to overstate their influence, and it endures today. I am always uncovering new treasures and ideas in my study of Jimmy Page that I can apply in my original music. We learn language imitatively, and our heroes inform our vocabulary. It’s a joy to learn and grow as musicians through absorbing the language of some of our greatest heroes. We realize we are on holy ground, and we aim to be there with the spirit of disciples.”


You can read more about the series at Guardians of Guitar Magazine: